College Baseball Scholarships

By: Andy Partin

In this article let’s break down college baseball scholarships by position.

What are the general guidelines to how programs hand out their money for college baseball scholarships. This is a topic kids and parents need to be better educated on.

What position do you think gets the biggest chunk of money towards baseball scholarships for college? … If you said pitching you are correct. The majority of money is spent to build a team’s pitching staff. We’ve all heard it – “pitching wins championships” and it’s true. I’m sure you can think of countless examples of teams winning Championships with dominate pitching staffs.

College programs are going to spend at least 50% of their money on their pitching staff. I’d imagine upwards of 70% at certain programs.

After pitching a program must solidify the middle of the field. So, catching, middle infield and speedy outfielders will typically receive the next largest scholarships.

Last and yes least in order of scholarship size is generally corner position players. This is not always the case. I’ve had kids I’ve coached that were slow-footed corner players but were born to hit and they received monster size scholarships at major universities. The majority of those kids signed with MLB clubs out of high school though.

College programs love athletic guys who can really defend and that can really hit, but those type of guys are hard to come by. And typically if they can do all those well they are going to the University of the 1st Round.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of where college baseball scholarship money typically goes by position. These are just general guidelines and not used by all schools but it’s usually the case.