On The Field: Richard Foy

Date: April 24, 2019
By: Eric Leary

Impact Baseball is joined by Richard Foy of New Hanover High School, in Wilmington, NC, for this edition of On the Field. Coach Foy has led the Wildcats to great heights as one of the premier programs in the state. Learn more about him and his program in the following responses to our questions.

At this point of the 2019 season how would you say it’s going? Based on your pre-season expectations how is your team’s progress towards those goals it may have set?

We have pitched and defended like I thought we could. We have been a bit inconsistent offensively. Probably should give opposing pitchers credit for that.

Weather is always an issue for baseball. This season has definitely presented some challenges.  How have you adapted to the weather?

We try to control what we can control. Weather is the ultimate uncontrollable.  We can always find a way to get some work in.

Who are the players in your program going on to play at the next level?  Also, who on your team deserves to get some attention from those looking for top players?

Kyle Smith to UNC
Blake Walston to NC State
Jac Croom to UNCW
Alex Sniffen to NC Central
Mac Hutchins to Peace

Seniors Jonathan Manis and Alec Cortner are college guys still looking for the right fit.

How long have you been the head baseball coach at New Hanover High School?  And what other stops or sports have you made on your coaching journey? Additionally, who have been some influences in your coaching development?

I am in my eleventh year at New Hanover. I’ve coached at one level or another for 35+ years. Former UNCW coach Bobby Guthrie was a huge influence. Other than that, I’ve grabbed bits and pieces from hundreds of great coaches through the years.

Who have been some of the most memorable players and teams you’ve had the opportunity to coach? What makes them stand out?

I can’t start a list for fear of leaving someone out. Every player on last year’s State Championship team will always be special. The kids on the 2012 and 2013 Post 10 American Legion teams created some great memories. My favorite player of all time is my son Sam. The opportunity to coach him here at New Hanover was a true blessing.

Rivalries and competition can sometimes be intense. But good coaches recognize and appreciate an opponent who brings out the best in them. Which teams and coaches in your career have you found to be the most challenging to face?

All of the guys in our league are very good coaches and great people. They all keep you grinding and make it hard to win games.


What is your favorite part of practice?

Seeing a player do something that he couldn’t do when he came into the program.

What is your favorite position or skill to coach? Favorite drill?

Probably enjoy working with hitters the most. Melting a pitch on the barrel is the ultimate in this game. I like helping the guys figure out how to do it more often.

What does your program do on game day that is unique or special?

Ha! We are pretty boring. Probably nothing.

What is your favorite uniform and hat look for your program?

I prefer our road look.  Black and orange top on gray pants.

What do you consider to be the best part of your facility at New Hanover High School?

I think we have one of the top high school facilities in NC. Thanks to the guys with City Parks who help us keep it looking good.


When your team is hitting –  coach 3B or dugout? Coach 3B

When you give signals to hitters – signs or wrist bands?  Signs

When your guy hits a HR  – high five or fist bump?  Handshake

When you are in uniform – ankle length pants or high socks?  Ankle length

When you reach in your back pocket – stopwatch or no stopwatch? No stopwatch

When you are marking your field – chalk or painted lines? Paint

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Coach for his time and wishing him and his team all the best for the rest of the spring!