On The Field: Ronald Vincent “RV”

Date: May 16, 2019
By: Eric Leary

Known to many as simply, “RV” – Ronald Vincent has been coaching baseball in eastern North Carolina for 5 decades. Not only is he the all-time winningest high school baseball coach in the state with multiple state championships, he’s also one of the classiest coaches you’d ever meet. Impact Baseball is happy to have him on this edition of On the Field.

How did your 2019 finish up? Based on your pre-season expectations how is your team’s progress towards those goals it may have set?

We finished the season 18-7.  We were able to improve tremendously this season. Pitching was very solid and our young players got a great deal better.

Weather is always an issue for baseball. This season has definitely presented some challenges.  How have you adapted to the weather?

Not very well. Not getting on field enough for practice . We try to keep inside workouts short and varied.

Who are the the players in your program going on to play at the next level?  Also, who on your team deserves to get some attention from those looking for top players?

Clay Stanley has committed to Pitt. Shane Rodamaker is trying to decide. Grant Charles Jarman is a really good player if he doesn’t play football.

How long have you been the head baseball coach at J.H. Rose High School?  And what other stops or sports have you made on your coaching journey? Additionally, who have been some influences in your coaching development?

Been at Rose since 1974 Coached at Farmville for four years. Coached football for over thirty years. Also basketball and wrestling. Learned a great deal from Coach Fulghum. Learned much from watching other coaches in football and basketball. Always trying to learn.

Who have been some of the most memorable players and teams you’ve had the opportunity to coach?  What makes them stand out?

Obviously the state championship teams and other great teams that could have won with the right break. These teams believed in themselves and were very resilient, to many great players to list. All worked very hard.

Rivalries and competition can sometimes be intense.  But good coaches recognize and appreciate an opponent who brings out the best in them.  Which teams and coaches in your career have found to be the most challenging to face?

New Hanover teams in 1990s. Rocky Mount teams for years were very well coached New Bern teams in our conference. Always a great game with Conley, Coach Fulghum’s teams were very good every year. Some really good coaches now.


What is your favorite part of practice?

Watching players improve over the year. Like most of practice each day. Some very intense scrimmages with coach pitching. Players really get after it.

What is your favorite position or skill to coach? Favorite drill?

Some if the infield drills are really fun. Enjoy each position.

What does your program do on game day that is unique or special?

Not much. Love BP on the field in pre game.

What is your favorite uniform and hat look you have with your program?

We wear green shirts and white pants green hat with GR.

What do you consider to be the best part of your facility at J.H. Rose High School?

Love playing at Guy Smith stadium. Our indoor facility is awesome.


  • When your team is hitting –  coach 3B or dugout? Can’t stay in dugout. Coach first now.
  • When you give signals to hitters – signs or wrist bands? Signs
  • When your guy hits a HR – high five or fist bump? High five
  • When you are in uniform – ankle length pants or high socks? Ankle length
  • When you reach in your back pocket – stopwatch or no stopwatch? Nothing
  • When you are marking your field – chalk or painted lines? Paint mostly. Some chalk

Thanks to Coach Vincent for sharing and giving us a little insight on his team and career!  All the best to him and the Rampants in 2019!