3 Ways to Know a College is Interested in You

By: Andy Partin

I’m asked more often than you’d imagine, “how do I know if they are really interested in me?” There can be some confusion so let’s clear things up a bit and paint a clearer picture.

Let’s look at 3 ways to know for sure if a college baseball program is really interested in you:

1) Are they initiating contact with you via email or phone? Not are you emailing them and they are emailing you back, but are they seeking you out over email or by phone. Or are they requesting you contact them through a third party.

2) Is that coach coming to watch you play? Not are they there to see another kid on your team or the opposing team, but is that coach there to see you play. Odds are that coach has contacted you previously to let you know he’ll be there to see you play a certain game(s).

3) Has a coach requested you come on an unofficial or official visit to his school’s campus? This is a no brainer serious sign of interest. I don’t know about you but I value my time more than anything and likely same goes for that coach. If he/they weren’t interested in you I highly doubt he’d give up 2-4 hours of his time to spend with you unless he has a serious interest in you.

These are 3 no-brainer signs that a college is interested in you. If you receive an athletic scholarship offer you’ll have a full understanding how interested they are in you.