Best Way to Contact a College That Hasn’t Recruited You

By: Andy Partin

Want to play college baseball?

College coaches get contacted everyday about kids telling them they are interested in their program. The best way to contact a college coach who has never contacted you is by email.

Whatever you do, don’t send out a mass email to 10 schools and address it, “Dear Coach,”. That’s a quick way for your email to be deleted or not be taken seriously. My recommendation is you personalize the email to a particular coach.

If you just fill out an online baseball questionnaire you generally get put in the camp invite list. So, if you want to pretend like you are getting recruited by a bunch of schools, just fill out their questionnaire and watch the emails and letters pour in and you can tell everyone how #Blessed you are on Twitter and post college envelope pictures on your Instagram and Snapchat.

I’m not here to squash anyone’s dreams. I’m the last guy to ever tell you that you can’t do something, but I’d suggest contacting schools that suite your skill and academic level. Not every kid out there can play in the SEC, so contact schools at your level or even slightly higher.

In the email tell the coach who you are, attach a schedule and invite them to watch you play. Odds are if that coach is watching a tournament you are at, he’ll make time to at least go watch you play if he hasn’t ever seen you.

This is where having a good reference comes in to play. You can have that reference follow up with that coach if he thinks you can play at that school.

After the coach sees you if there is interest, he will pursue you. If he does not, then move on. It’s nothing personal.

I do want to explain that phone calls are not the best choice to contact a coach who isn’t recruiting you. A phone call can be a little invasive and coaches are very busy people, whether you realize that or not.