On The Field: Jake Smith

Date: April 10, 2019
By: Eric Leary

Impact Baseball continues to take a deeper look at some of the top high school baseball coaches with our “On the Field” series. Today we are checking in on Jake Smith of Randleman High School, in Randleman, NC.

At this point of the 2019 season how would you say it’s going? Based on your pre-season expectations how is your team’s progress towards those goals it may have set?

The season is going great so far.  We are working towards our goals everyday.  Need to continue getting better throughout the course of the season.  

Weather is always an issue for baseball. This season has definitely presented some challenges. How have you adapted to the weather?

Weather is always a challenge for this time of year.  We just try to take advantage of good days and make the best of the bad days. It’s frustrating but we can’t control it.  

Who are the the players in your program going on to play at the next level? Also, who on your team deserves to get some attention from those looking for top players?

Matt Kemp 2020 (NC State), Trey Cooper 2020 (NC State), Nick Neal 2019 (Walters State CC). Ramsey Petty, Dominick Poole and Dawson Edwards are all 2020 prospects.

How long have you been the head baseball coach at Randleman High School? And what other stops or sports have you made on your coaching journey? Additionally, who have been some influences in your coaching development?

This is my 6th year being the head coach at Randleman.  Big influences in my coaching development have come from my high school coach Charlie Gamble 3rd, All of my coaches at ECU, along with my coaches in the Oakland A’s organization.

Who have been some of the most memorable players and teams you’ve had the opportunity to coach?  What makes them stand out?

All of the teams have been great to be a part of here. We have great young men that play the game the right way. 2015 was a special year.  We came up one game short from winning the state. That team was led by Trevor Clemons, Caleb Webster, Bailey Welch, Tanner Routh, Evan Walls,  Zac Kemp and others. That team played with so much passion and energy unlike I’ve coached before. It was definitely a year to remember.

Rivalries and competition can sometimes be intense. But good coaches recognize and appreciate an opponent who brings out the best in them. Which teams and coaches in your career have you found to be the most challenging to face?

We have a great rivalry with Southeast Guilford. I know those coaches really well over there. My high school coach is an assistant coach along with his son. They always have a great team. Kids from both teams know each other well since it’s a short distance apart. Both teams respect each other and it’s always a great game to be apart of.  


What is your favorite part of practice? Throwing BP

What is your favorite position or skill to coach?  Catching

What is your favorite uniform and hat look for your program? All orange with blue hats

What do you consider to be the best part of your facility at Randleman High School? All of it


  • When your team is hitting –  coach 3B or dugout? 3B
  • When you give signals to hitters – signs or wrist bands? Signs
  • When your guy hits a HR  – high five or fist bump? Handshake
  • When you are in uniform – ankle length pants or high socks? Ankle
  • When you reach in your back pocket – stopwatch or no stopwatch? Stopwatch
  • When you are marking your field – chalk or painted lines? Painted

We here at Impact want to thank Coach Smith for his time to share about himself and his program.  All the best to you and the Tigers!