Targeting the Right Schools

By: Andy Partin

Finding the college baseball program that best fits for you can be tough, especially when you and your parents don’t have a realistic view of your ability. Understand that college baseball has a place for just about every player. If you are super talented then the top programs are who you should pursue and if you are on the opposite end where you lack the talent but still want to play, then you need to look at much smaller programs. Most players fall in between.

The key to finding the right schools is understanding who you are as a player. There is only one guy who will play shortstop at Florida State (for example) every year. Picture every shortstop in the state of Florida the past three or four years (that’s a lot). The best guy out of all those shortstops, plus all the out of state kid’s the FSU coaches saw, that’s the kid who’s going to play shortstop at Florida State. As I have stated before, I’m the last guy to try and squash your dreams, but you need to be somewhat realistic.

When a kid starts talking to me about colleges one of the first things I ask is do you want to go somewhere you have a good chance to play right away or is being more of a role player for a while OK with you? Obviously, the majority of guys want to go somewhere and play right away. Nobody wants to go to college and not play, so pursue programs where you have a good shot to compete early on. If you land at a school where you don’t play much, you and your parents will have an unpleasant experience and that situation usually ends up messy.