10 Junior College Baseball Advantages

By: Andy Partin

A 2-year college baseball program can be a perfect fit for certain high school players. It boils down to several different factors. Let's take a look at 10 potential advantages of playing junior college baseball opposed to playing at a 4-year school.

1) Academic development

2) Another shot at your dream 4-year program if you didn't get accepted or recruited by them

3) Cheaper cost/less debt

4) MLB draft eligible after both seasons compared to having to attend a mandatory 3 years at a 4-year school or being 21 years old

5) A lot of 4-year programs fill immediate on-field needs with JUCO players

6) Greater potential to play right away/everyday

7) Physical development

8) Social development

9) Longer fall playing schedule with more games

10) Unlimited practice calendar