Distribution of Pitching Innings

By: Andy Partin

Every program is different the way they handle their pitching staff. Some schools rely on less arms and have them throw more innings and others use more arms and have them throw less innings.

If a coach tends to rely heavily on 7 pitchers throughout the season it’s going to be tough for the other pitchers to play a part throughout their career in that program. I’d suggest finding out how that coaching staff distributes innings.

Look back over the different season’s stats on the school’s website and you’ll be able to see how many different pitchers got to pitch throughout the season. This will give you a solid idea of what your chances are like when you show up.

If a pitcher is throwing close to 25 innings during a season then he played a solid role. If a pitcher doesn’t throw near that then he was probably never a guy that was involved in a situation that could dictate the outcome of a game.

Let’s not discount the fact pitchers who struggle in practice or early on in games will have a tougher shot getting a chance to prove themselves again in games. The players have to perform in order to receive opportunities.

Bottom line, just be educated about the programs you are interested in. Knowing how many guys on a roster played a role will give you a sense of how much you can expect to pitch and contribute to your team throughout the season.