Scholarship Players That Have Quit or Transferred

By: Andy Partin

When you are narrowing down your preferred schools of choice you better have an idea how many scholarship players have quit or transferred those baseball programs.

Understand this, when you are being recruited or when you are on your visit, you’re the star of the hour. Once you show up on campus things change and you become just another guy in the program. Sorry if that hurts some of your feelings, but it’s the truth and you better be prepared.

You need to understand this: COLLEGE BASEBALL IS A BUSINESS. Some of these head coaches are making over $500,000 per year. They are going to do whatever they need to do to make sure they win. I’m not trying to spook you – every program is different. And yes, baseball is ‘a game’ – but how well you play can dictate if a coach keeps his job or not. This is about people’s lives not just a baseball game.

Some programs create log jams at certain positions. They may bring in 3 freshman catchers and 1 will rise above and the other 2 will sit on the bench. So, what happens is kids see the light and they quit and/or they transfer. This benefits the coaches because they keep the best player and get all that scholarship money back.

I’m a fan of telling kids and families to gather as much information as possible. For example, go online and find the past 4 years signing classes for a school and look on the current roster and see how many guys are still at that school. Sure, there will be a couple academic situations or family issues or whatever will force kids to leave but overall it will give you a good feel for how many scholarship players have quit and/or transferred.