Two-Way Money

By: Andy Partin

Two-way money is a term used throughout college athletics referring to a player who has grades good enough to receive academic scholarship money and athletic scholarship money.

At one point some schools were taking advantage of academic dollars and giving kids academic dollars they didn’t deserve so the NCAA has set the standard a student athlete must meet in order to receive two-way money.

Something most parents and kids don’t understand is in order to continue receiving academic money you must maintain a certain GPA. If you don’t maintain that GPA you will forfeit that academic scholarship the following year.

For example, if you are on 25% baseball scholarship and 40% academic scholarship and you don’t maintain your GPA you are now responsible for paying 75% of your school instead of only 35%. We’re talking several thousands of dollars in most cases.

Athletic money is more permanent than academic money. If you are a good student and a good athlete you should be rewarded for both. Just know exactly what you are signing for.