*The gate entry fee is $10 per day. Each team is permitted three coach passes (coaches must sign in at the gate). Scorekeepers do not count as coaches and will not be granted free admission. Teams who have more than three coaches will be required to pay for the extra coach passes.

NHSF Rules
Metal Bat Tournament
13U: (-5) bats allowed (NO 2017 White/Green Zen Allowed)
14U: (-3) BBCOR Bats Allowed

AGE/Grad Year Requirements:
18U- Players must be 2022 graduates or born on/after May 1, 2003
17U-Players must be 2023 graduates or born on/after May 1, 2004
16U – Players must be 2024 graduates or younger or born on/after May 1, 2005.
15U-Players must be 2025 graduates or younger or born on/after May 1, 2006
14U- Players must be 2026 graduates or younger or born on/after May 1, 2007
13U-Players must be 2027 graduates or younger or born on/after May 1, 2008

Pitching Rules
No pitching rules are in place. Please use smart judgement with your team.

Run Rules
*15 after 3, 12 after 4, 8 after 5
*Teams can use up to 11 hitters
*Free subs as long as batting order stays the same.

*Each team provides THREE new game balls to start each game (after that teams supply balls evenly)
*Diamond (D1, DOLA, DOL-1), Wilson (A1010HS1, A1010S, 1030), Rawlings (R100, RNFC), or any NFHS stamped ball

Time Limits
*During Pool Play Only, no new inning after 1 Hour and 50 Minutes

*All games will be no more than 7 innings, except for playoff games
*NO pre game infield/outfield
*Teams need to arrive 1 hour before game time. Games will start early if possible.

Weather or Game Alerts
*We will post updates on IMPACTBASEBALL.com throughout the event.
*If your game is delayed or stopped for rain. We will pick the game up from where it was stopped and with the timing remaining.
* Coaches continue to check www.impactbaseball.com numerous times during the tournament/before games/after games for updated information throughout.
* All breaking information during the tournament will be posted on the tournament schedule at the top of the event.
*In the event of bad weather, game cancellation, delays, etc, the website will be updated as soon as our staff is notified by the field manager.
* If you see no updated information on the website, everything is still on as of scheduled.
* Please follow @impactbaseball_ on twitter, for updated information

*Umpires and our staff reserve the right to eject any persons from the site for any un-sportsman like conduct.
*In the event that a spectator(s) enters the venue without paying, umpires have been instructed to stop the game until the individual(s) pays or leaves the site.

*Teams MUST turn in a roster to impactbaseballstaff@gmail.com before 11:59 PM the night before the event begins.
*The roster must include jersey #, first/last name, grad year and birth date, and high school.
*Please be aware that each player on the roster, MUST have a parental email on file and must complete the waiver form found here: https://impactbaseball.com/impact-baseball-player-waiver/ .

Contact Information:
* If you have any questions during the tournament please email impactbaseballstaff@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

Refund Policy
*All entry fee payments are non-refundable.
*If a team drops out before the schedule is posted and at least two weeks prior to the event, we will offer a full credit.
*If a team drops out once the schedule is posted, there will be no credit.
*If an event is cancelled due to weather, we will issue a full credit.
*If at least one game is played in an event, no credits will be issued.