By: Trey Daly

It is true that baseball is just a game. But for some, myself included, baseball is a lifestyle! The bases will always be 90 feet apart and the mound will always bare down on the hitter, from 60 feet, 6 inches. However, I’d like you to consider how baseball can be more than just a ball being thrown around a field.

The game of baseball helps mold the lives of kids by establishing friendships, and by teaching hard work, discipline and dedication. It’s about more than just a score, and who wins and loses. The game of baseball can go much deeper. Often this is only understood by kids and parents that invest much of their lives into the game.

Some kids might receive college scholarships to play baseball, some might get drafted, and some kids’ baseball careers might end after High School. In whatever baseball journey is taken, it is important to realize that baseball can drive kids to becoming the best version of themselves.

It was once said, “Sports don’t build character, they reveal it.” The game of baseball does just that by teaching patience, persistence, and commitment. So, the next time you drive by a field and see a father and son playing catch, don’t think about it being just a game or exercise. I encourage you to think about all it’s doing to help the young boy grow into a man.

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By: Trey Daly It is true that baseball is just a game. But for some, myself included, baseball is a lifestyle! The bases will always be […]
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